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I'm currently living in lovely Oxford, dreaming spires and all that. Also not very far away from anything it seems. Have yet to go on a proper photo day-out in Oxford, so here are two pics of it nicked from the Internet.

Oxford: Radcliffe Camera on the left; an aerial view of central Oxford on the left

I don't like sticking my phone number up on the Net but it's in the Whois for my sites and on various freelance indexes, so if you look carefully you can find it.

Unless you need to speak to me urgently, please email. Having my email addresses up here has caused loads of spam, so follow the bits in bold to get to the right address. My current best email is probably kieren at kierenmccarthy all one word If it's Techworld business, I have kierenm at techworld dotcom for that purpose.

Alternatively, I have a address - kieren875 - and a address - kierenmccarthy - if I'm on the move.

You can also email to my address. Since I will pick up anything from this domain, this gives you the opportunity to inject a bit of wit into your email. Or, failing that, just email cannotthinkofanythingfunny at this domain -

If you are trying to sell me something you will not get a reply and I will probably stick your domain on a spam blacklist. Also I don't care who you are related to, I don't want your millions if it requires me having to put deposits in your account.

If you are an old friend, call me rather than email.

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