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Most of my professional life is in one way or another tied in with the Internet. But this page basically covers the websites I have designed, set up and host for people.

And here they are:


The Brutal Battle for is my first book, covering the remarkable fight over the Internet's most valuable property - domain name

The website serves several purposes. One, it acts as a resource for the story and an archive of stories about the tale. Two, it will helpfully build up the book's profile as I intend to update how the book is going regularly and if people search the Net for info on the case, they will hopefully find my site and by extension the fact I'm writing a book on it.

And lastly, it helps me. By having a searchable archive and various timelines, I have a useful immediate reference while writing the book.

I have a deadline for the book of 31 April which I hope to God I will manage. Ironically, I will have to make sure I don't spend too long building up the site.

Guantanamo: America's War on Human Rights is a remarkable book by freelance investigative journalist David Rose.

In it, he states simply and factually what has happened at the notorious Camp X-Ray (latterly Camp Delta) - the US military base that the majority of people still believe contains the so-called hardcore of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.

The reality is much scarier that that. The book makes it clear that many of those held for years with no legal advice or process could not on any level be described as terrorists, yet the lie has been allowed to live on. The book details how the "greatest democracy" on the planet can talk itself into disregarding basic human rights and at the same time delude itself into believing it is doing the right thing.

When I was trying to find out more about the book, I found David didn't have a website, so I emailed him and offered to give him an online presence. This site is it.

Kathy Burke is one of Britain's best loved actresses. Not only does she possess an incredible ability to play serious and highly comedic roles with equal finesse but she is also down to earth, honest, witty and self-deprecating.

She is also a playwright and director - something that she claims she will concentrate on now because she finds acting "tedious" - despite having won a slew of awards for her films and television appearances, including her own comedy series Gimme Gimme Gimme.

The site gives a biography of our Kath as well as comprehensive rundown of her career, links to articles written about her and a small news section.

Phillip Knightley - one of the world's most respected journalists - asked me if I would design his website after I sent him an email asking him why he didn't have one. This is it.

Phillip is well known for two things: one, he was part of the legendary Insight team at The Sunday Times from the 1950s to the 1970s, which set a new standard in high-quality investigative journalism.

And secondly, he wrote (and regularly updates) his book The First Casualty, which is an incredible catalogue of wartime propaganda that really opened my eyes when I first read it in my first year of university I believe.

He has already written numerous other books, including seminal texts on Kim Philby and the Profumo affair. He is a world authority on spies and spying and much else besides.

Margaret McCartney is a GP and occasional journalist and asked me to do her a site to feature her writing as well as one or two other more personal bits. This site is different to most that I have done in that Margaret wanted it stylish and colourful where usually it is function over form.

In that sense it was satisfying because there was more room to play around with different ideas and variations in colours and pictures. The screengrab on the left doesn't really do it justice. It is also true that the simpler things look quite often the harder they are to create.

I was co-owner and a major contributor to satire site The Rockall Times, started in November 2001 but which sadly died in August 2003 after a disasterous two-week sailing trip to conquer the site's namesake - Rockall - a tiny, uninhabited island in the middle of the Atlantic, controversially owned by Britain.

The plan to launch the site properly and raise money was charity was sadly undermined by increasingly erratic behaviour of the other co-owner while at sea. We reached Rockall but the planned climb was compromised. Nevertheless, before the trip the site was receiving a healthy 200,000 page impressions a month.

The site is still there as an archive and if bluster is to be believed will start again in February 2004.

Katko UK is the UK side of Finnish switch manufacturer Katko Oy Konerauta. I designed and built this site from scratch in order to give the company an online presence.

It is fairly extensive since it covers the entire range of products sold by Katko - several thousand. The interactive product guide was my idea and has proved a big hit since it allows customers to easily and simply understand the entire range and work out which product they need. If they want they can then email an order or call Katko to finalise any orders.

The plan is to gradually increase its sophistication to stretch into ecommerce, produce dynamic pages and so on and so forth. was a spur-of-the-moment decision when it became clear that the New York Times reporter had completely invented or plagiarised a huge number of his stories.

It was obvious the story would have big repercussions so I registered this domain in order to give a review of events and hopefully set up a useful resource for the future. It consists of a number of recent updates to the story since May 2003 plus some observations, ponderings and nay-saying by myself.

The story itself is continuing with Blair due to release a book on his side of the story in March 2004.

Kieren is this site. Something which you probably know since you are here. This is my area of the Internet to cover all the disparate things I'm up to.

I also have and .com but in a moment of madness, I decided to build the site on the address. Since I have paid upfront for a hosting dealing on this domain, it'll have stay like this for a while longer.

I eventually got the .com domain after a man who had been annoyed with an article I wrote forgot to renew it. I may build several sites to suit different purposes. We shall see.

The Register is Europe's biggest IT news site. It gets just under two million page impressions per day. And for good reason - it provides hard-hitting news, fast and with a touch of humour.

Every day, it scoops huge media organisations and is a major source of IT stories in the world. It is also, along with The Inquirer, one of only two IT UK news sites to have survived the nuclear dotcom winter without folding or being subsumed by a corporate.

I worked for The Reg for just under two years and still do regular stories for them. You can see my stories here.

Techworld is an excellent and relatively news site, launching in May 2003. Nevertheless, through a combination of hard work, excellent content and first-class writing, it has already built a big following and found a niche in the market.

This success was reflected just a few months after launch when it won New Business Launch at the Online Publishing Awards.

I write frequent news stories and the occasional feature for Techworld on subjects ranging from wireless technology to security to Windows/Linux, and critical looks at the reams of biased surveys thrown out to the press and analysts on an almost daily basis.

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