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I was a regular contributor to Arena - the UK's first men's magazine - for over two years. In this time, I met several boxers, a gangster and numerous people who no doubt I should have recognised.

Most of the articles/features I wrote are below:


December 99 issue

At home with Nigel Benn
He's the Dark Destroyer. Except when it comes to spiders. "Some people may think that because I'm a world champion..."

December 99 issue

Spunk rocks
Forget penis size, sperm is the ultimate male taboo. More than that, the white stuff controls your life

November 99 issue

At home with Dave Courtney
East End gangster turned media star, 'Dodgy' Dave Courtney welcomes Kieren McCarthy to Camelot Castle, his Plumstead home

October 99 issue

Mile high club
How to live the playboy life at 30,000ft. Arena's essential guide to executive class travel

September 99 issue

The water margin
The sub-aquatic art of David Doubilet. According to his publicity, David Doubilet is 'the world's leading underwater photographer'...

May 99 issue

The physiology of a hero
What makes a hero a hero? Exactly the same that makes him a coward. Behaviourists call it 'fight or flight'; biologists call it...

September 98 issue

Big up the Lords
Brains, debate and one-liners: why the House of Lords should live forever. Is it any wonder politicians are up there with traffic wardens...

June 98 issue

Double Top
Kieren McCarthy steps up and sling his arrows with outrageous fortune. Don't let it be said darts doesn't teach you anything...

May 98 issue

You can run but you can't hide
Tornadoes in Sussex? That's just the beginning. With the world overdue its next earthquake, and with El Nino and little sister La Nina...

May 98 issue

Living Doll
Alongside the vast sums pumped in virtual sex, the thin membrane between the virtual and real has been further violated...

December 97 issue

Assume the position
With air traffic congestion at an all-time high, Arena offers its none-too-definite guide to stratospheric survival

November 97 issue

Beauty myth
Italian photographer Paolo Reversi's fascination with the female form goes beyond the skin deep. After 30 years in the business...

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