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Living Doll

Got a rovin' eye, and that is why she satisfies my soul

Alongside the vast sums of cash pumped into virtual sex, the thin membrane between the virtual and the real has been further violated by the creative minds behind RealDoll, manufacturers of 'the world's most realistic love doll'.

Sex dolls have never really been taken seriously - probably something to do with the vaguely shaped plastic-dinghy format - but the RealDoll boffins plan to change that. To the tune of $4,500. Forget eye-watering internal seams and slow punctures, the models on the online ordering site ( are made from the high-grade silicon rubber used for special effects in movies. Life-size, solid, waterproof and heat-resistant for your every need, the dolls even come with a choice of two or three orifices (an extra $250 will buy you the deluxe model - now with extra holes).

As well as the listed models (all female, but 'a male RealDoll is in development'), there is a Weird Science-like customising service, allowing you to choose the shape and colour of virtually every component, right down to the style of pubic hair. But perhaps most impressively, the company's claims to have perfected breast consistency are ably demonstrated in an on-screen animation. ('The doll looks so life-like it's scary' is the telling assessment from one satisfied customer via email).

For those prepared to be taken for a ride, an additional $400 shipping charge will deliver the eight-stone 'stress-free companion' to your door, complete with bra, panties, miniskirt and stockings. Needless to say, instructions (plus a special cleaning kit) are included.

The fact that the company claims their product has the poise of a sleeping girl, begs some pertinent questions about the RealDoll clientele. As for the proof of the pudding: my request for a review copy was politely turned down.

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