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I was asked to write the City Diary for The Guardian during November 2002. I wrote the column Monday to Thursday for three weeks and even found the time though to do three "proper" bits of business reporting, all found below.

On top of that, I have done occasional features for its Thursday Online section and got a feature in G2 about the case


New power generation - An electrical storm is brewing in the Ethernet cable that will connect a mobile phone, laptop or any other gadget to the world, writes Kieren McCarthy (24 July 2003)

Sex.con - In 1994, a young computer engineer registered the domain name Now, after almost a decade of legal wrangling, he has finally won the right to call it his own. Kieren McCarthy reports on the battle to regain control of the world's most valuable web address (26 June 2003)

Surfing Cornwall, new style - A scheme to encourage broadband take-up in Cornwall has become a beacon of hope to internet users in remote areas across Europe. Kieren McCarthy reports (26 June 2003)

City Diary

12 November 2002 - Sir Alan Sugar's blinkered confidence in the em@iler, EasyCar chasing customers, George Pitcher disappearing up his own zeitgeist, Stonehenge PR and the music industry's pathetic attempt to embrace the Internet.

13 November 2002 - Ebeneezer Scrooge, OAPs shopping at Marks, Easy Group's crusade hits brick wall, new spam record and George Pitcher responds.

14 November 2002 - Shroeder gets a satirical kicking and pretends not to notice, phones are the new fags, the euro cheque debacle, the FT goes lysdexic and Easyart sticks its tongue out.

15 November 2002 - HSBC gets the last laugh, Mervyn King and Sir Eddie George at the Bank of England get confused and the FSA gets a roasting.

19 November 2002 - Easyart case gets all Monty Python, more academic bullshit this time about work and Barbie goes mental.

20 November 2002 - More Bank of England madness, PwC caught with its ethical trousers down, the innovative BK Veggie burger, inept German bureaucrats and over-generous Nigerians.

21 November 2002 - Accountancy bitch fight, Mr Doolittle interprets Osama bin Laden, more euro madness and an old Etonian revels us with talk of Mexican toilet habits.

22 November 2002 - BBC Top Ten efforts fall short, Microsoft is finally honest about screwing you, the OECD fears we will all die horribly under a big rock and euro hysteria reaches Father Christmas.

26 November 2002 - Digby Jones as an arse as usual, the VAT rat, the Defence department gets vague over Enron, Underground smoke signals from a male member in public and Smithfields looks buggered.

27 November 2002 - The Ed and Merv Confusion Tour continues, Digby Jones continues to be an arse, the French beg Bill Gates for money, train services sink to new low and good Lord, the Ministry of Defence has answered a question - as only it knows how.

28 November 2002 - The FSA receives award and vocal support of a different kind, Interbrew goes horse crazy, more CBI nonsense, Allders goes to Romford and gets beaten up.

29 November 2002 - The National Audit Office pulls out all the stops to prevent embrassment to its head and his best pal and possibly stop people asking the wrong questions, also listed [comes complete with official NAO complaint].

Real stories

Black issues writ over Express articles (16 November 2002) - Lord Black, owner of the Daily Telegraph, has launched a libel action against Express Newspapers claiming he and his firm, Hollinger International, were "grossly libelled" by two recent articles in the Sunday Express's finance section.

Harry Potter helps power Hornby's rise in profits (16 November 2002) - Hornby has continued its runaway success with interim pre-tax profits doubling to 1.7m on turnover up a third at 14m.

Seymour Pierce bid pushes shares up 30% (30 November 2002) - UK stockbroker Seymour Pierce yesterday confirmed it had received a bid for the company and was in discussions with other parties.

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