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Mobile Campaign is a site run by the UK's most respected IT journalist Guy Kewney. It is supposed to be about mobiles, but occasionally I have strayed into pet hate territory.

A list of my articles on the site is given below:


Australia has betrayed the Internet - When it comes to the Net, Australia is a rogue state run by a dictator. Games and porn, he claims, are all there is to the Web...

Internet to become an autocracy - a disaster, abetted by indifference - Why is one of our generation's most important issues going unreported? The failure of the world's press to cover ICANN will be regretted for decades to come.

You'll be glad of that T-Mobile phone bill when you're hit by a car - The second bit of mail in a month from One2One came through the post yesterday morning. It bore a picture of a big shiny red balloon and in a comforting yet exciting blue exclaimed "Get Ready!" Oh God, not more increased charges, was my first thought.

Please no warchalking legislation, it won't do any of us any good - Warchalking - marking where WiFi networks can be publicly picked up - is showing disturbing signs of becoming the latest Trojan Horse by which ill thought-out legislation becomes law.


3G is either dead or owned by Microsoft, that's the deal - There been a lot of fuss recently about 3G. Yep, it's dead again. There's no way consumers will pay what mobile companies want to charge so they can recoup the ludicrous licence prices.

Microsoft "re-enacting browser war with digital TV" - Court told - If, like every media company and most western governments, you believe digital TV is going to become vitally important in the future, you may want to watch the unfolding of Browser Wars II: Microsoft Strikes Again.

So - why not buy a new Nokia 7650? - MMS is a revolutionary new form of communication. And if you were in any doubt, there is a book coming out featuring MMS messages taken by art students called "see what I'm talking about?" - well, do we?


Hutchison finally gets 3G started (11 Feb 2003) - Hutchison 3G has finally released the price plans for its "3" service, available from next month (March). And so after years of wrangles, billions of pounds of debt, crazed predictions and much waving of arms, the third-generation mobile phone services are finally here. Let battle commence.

3G? Forget the killer app - just get me any app - The news gets worse for 3G mobile companies. We all know they have overpaid for licences, that the network to run 3G phones on will cost another fortune and that as yet they have little or no idea what they are actually going to put on the phones. Well, it's worse than that.

A new UK domain name for wireless LANs? - If a non-executive director of Nominet and member of its Public Advisory Board, Alex Bligh, has anything to do with it, there could be a new second level domain name for wireless networks by the new year.

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