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Practical Internet was a relatively small but excellent montly UK magazine covering, unsurprisingly, the Internet, but for medium to advanced Internet users and small businesses. It has since been evolved into a magazine for Web designer called, appropriately enough, 'Web Designer' - but you can still make out the little 'Practical Internet' logo in the top left.

I have scanned in the pages of the features I wrote for the magazine, with larger, readable versions available by clicking on them but have yet to put all the text in this site. Will get around to it sometime soon:


  • You're 'avin' a laugh ain't yer? (issue 81, June 2003) - From Beadle to Edmonds, wind-up merchants have been conning the public for years. Kieren McCarthy gets inside the mind of a twenty-first century trickster and explores the world of Net hoaxes
  • The Sickest Sites on the Web (issue 80, May 2003) - Kieren McCarthy takes a deep breath and peers into the Net's toilet bowl to pick out the foulest sites around

  • Friends Reunited Horror Stories (issue 79, April 2003) - What happens when old classmates get in touch with each other? Kieren McCarthy reveals it can be a lot more complicated than a quick snog behind the bike sheds

  • Freak or Unique? (issue 75, Christmas 2002) - The chance to create a home page drives some people to do very unusual things. Kieren McCarthy hunts down fifteen of the strangest people online.

  • 9/11 conspiracy theories (issue 73, November 2002) - The Net is flooded with outrageous theories about the 11 September attacks. Kieren McCarthy investigates some of the more outlandish claims.

  • Chatroom Horror Stories (issue 72, October 2002) - Kieren McCarthy brings you twisted tales from the wonderful world of Internet chat rooms.

  • How to be an online author (issue 71, September 2002) - Whether you're a writer or a reader, eBooks could drastically change how you access the written word. Kieren McCarthy looks at this new chapter in publishing.

  • Revenge is Sweet (issue 70, August 2002) - When you're feeling hard done by, it's time to get online and make yourself heard. Kieren McCarthy examines how people are using the Websites to get their revenge.

  • They're lying to us (issue 69, Summer 2002) - As the reporting of world events is increasingly tainted with the bias of media management, Kieren McCarthy explains why the Net is rapidly becoming the best forum for a balanced view.

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