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December domain granted stay of execution (9 Dec 2002)
The underused domain has been granted a stay of execution after a meeting of Nominet's Policy Advisory Board decided that still more consultation was needed before a decision on its future was taken.

Online suicide poster resurrected (6 Dec 2002)
Online anyone can be Jesus. Posters to the Counter Strike forum at Blueyonder were not in awe however when it became clear that a former colleague had come back from the dead.


Nominet director calls for clemency (15 Oct 2002)
A non-executive director of Nominet's Council of Management and member of its Public Advisory Board, Alex Bligh, has launched a scathing attack on a recommendation by one of the organisation's subcommittees to shut down the second level domain domain dispute continues (14 Oct 2002)
The controversy over shows no signs of ending soon, with owner Tommy Butler sacking his legal advisers.

Is this the end for (11 Oct 2002)
The second level domain may be dead before Christmas due to underuse, thanks to the changing Internet world.


Stelios faces challenger in easy domain name crusade (16 Sep 2002)
The ongoing crusade against any domains that feature the word "easy" by Easy Group and its head Stelios Haji-Ioannou may finally have come unstuck with art print site


Domain scam merchants get legs sucked by toothless OFT (30 Aug 2002)
The Office of Fair Trading has given a stern rebuke to the owners of companies that offered false domain names for $59 - and inadvertently given the green light to hundreds more Internet fraudsters.


Internet villain and the new Claire Swire (25 Jul 2002)
Brian Tindle has become the latest name to be added to the Internet Hall of Shame, following accusations by his ex-girlfriend of an illicit holiday affair causing her a swift visit to the doctor.

Internet monopoly alert! (18 Jul 2002)
VeriSign is attempting to push through a proposal which will effectively see one company control .com and .net Internet domain names, despite huge opposition from everyone else in the market.

Court freezes, owner claims unfair trial (2 Jul 2002)
The Law Society of Scotland is attempting to reverse hijack the domain, claiming that its current owner, Mr Tommy Butler, is "passing off" and wrongly receiving private and confidential emails.


Protest site makes Easy domain crusade more difficult (25 Jun 2002)
A furious domain owner has set up a protest site to publicise Easy Group's heavy-handed legal tactics in trying to take over his site.


Web community puts price on head of super highwayman VeriSign (14 May 2002)
Domain registrar VeriSign has infuriated the Web community by wrongly transferring a New York writer's domain to an unchecked person in Germany.


Net law expert slams domain dispute process (7 Mar 2002)
The process for deciding ownership of Internet domains is flawed, biased and in drastic need of reform, an expert in Internet and e-commerce law has concluded in a study released today.

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