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Techworld, found at, is an IDG online publication for IT professionals, mostly networking experts. It's run by two esteemed IT journos - Max Cooter and John Dunn.

It's a new site, only launching in May 2003,and Max asked me if I would do six stories a week for him to get traffic and people coming to the site. If you are an IT pro, it's a cracking site and this seems to have been reflected in the stats (which I'm reliably informed are higher than expected) and the fact it won New Business Launch at the Online Publishers Awards in 2003.

Anyway, here are the stories that I've written for Techworld, split into years, most recent, features and stories I'm most pleased with:

Stories according to years

2004 | 2003

Three most recent stories

Anti-virus software hole can knock out your system (12 January 2004)
McAfee, Trendmicro and Kaspersky affected

Survey reveals ultimate solution to computer security (9 January 2004)
You'll love this

Word hole embarrasses Microsoft (8 January 2004)
When is a security feature not a security feature?


Find your way round the RF spectrum (24 November 2003)
2GHz, 10GHz, Wi-Fi, 802.11a,b and g, licences - what's it all mean?

Windows vs Linux - the true cost (16 September 2003)
Twisted assumptions, bent figures, business as usual

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