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Worm threatens a Sober Xmas (23 December 2003)
Latest variant picking up

IE flaw gets worse (22 December 2003)
Microsoft's Explorer appears to be unpatched and seems to remain even more open to attack

P2P software poses huge security risk (19 December 2003)
Malicious plug-ins could wipe out a network

Red Hat releases Linux patches (18 December 2003)
Shuts door on DoS vulnerability

Sober worm returns (18 December 2003)
Low threat level - so far

Britain slips in world IT stakes (9 December 2003)
Not making the most of what we've got

Battle for control of Internet postponed (8 December 2003)
Who should run the Internet: ICANN or the ITU?

T-Mobile buys Austrian Wi-Fi market (1 December 2003)
Main supplier Metronet subsumed by January


EU patent vote delayed, trouble ahead (28 November 2003)
It's still large companies vs small companies in ongoing EU patent saga, as lobby groups express dissatisfaction with Directive amendments

PwC report reveals security woe (25 November 2003)
Report finds security breaches in nearly 50 percent of fast-growing US companies. But can surveys really get at the truth of such a complex topic?

New Explorer hole “extremely critical” (25 November 2003)
Dear Santa, there's a hole in my browser. Can I have a new one?

Find your way round the RF spectrum (24 November 2003)
2GHz, 10GHz, Wi-Fi, 802.11a,b and g, licences - what's it all mean?

Symantec CEO gives Comdex sermon (20 November 2003)
A life-changing experience for all

Managers idiots; BOFHs brilliant (20 November 2003)
That's the surprise findings of a new survey

How to steal a domain name in easy stages (18 November 2003)
VeriSign seems to have learned nothing

Microsoft prepares security assault on Linux (11 November 2003)
Are the gloves coming off?

Microsoft recasts itself as Sheriff of the Internet (5 November 2003)
$250,000 reward for them virus varmints


Data centre HTML standard launched (15 October 2003)
Open standard DCML hopes to storm market

IBM finally launches Storage Tank (14 October 2003)
Technological “breakthrough” still limited, however

Fujitsu and Siemens sign global partnership (7 October 2003)
Preferential agreement in Europe and Asia Pacific

Cisco aims VoIP at small business (3 October 2003)
Costs come down with Express version of CallManager


Intel in SAS alliance (30 September 2003)
Set to push Wi-Fi further

Symantec to buy Powerquest (24 September 2003)
More information lifecycle management rhetoric

Windows vs Linux - the true cost (16 September 2003)
Twisted assumptions, bent figures, business as usual

BT offers cheap Wi-Fi deal (15 September 2003)
Cheaper roaming with every Dell laptop

Symantec announces all-in-one security server(15 September 2003)
Will it save time and money?

Microsoft sees Linux kettle, calls it black (9 September 2003)
Asia open source agreement anti-competitive, apparently

Mainstream ads show that Linux has arrived (5 September 2003)
IBM puts money behind big-name US advertising campaign. But would anyone outside the US get the point?

GSM phone encryption blown wide open (4 September 2003)
At last: a reason to move to 3G


McData buys Nishan and Sanera for $187m (27 August 2003)
But not changing the future of storage networking

Perens calls on system to rise up (27 August 2003)
The revolution will be open-sourced

SCO trademark case chewed up online (27 August 2003) lets fly

Passwords are evil and expensive (20 August 2003)
Says a survey commissioned by the company with the solution

New SoBig the worst yet (20 August 2003)
When will someone track down the writers?


UK's first Internet phones using SIP released (20 June 2003)
The start of great things

Government dumps proprietary software for XML (20 June 2003)
New procurement system is a winner - or is it?

Bluetooth to swamp Wi-Fi in the future, claims Forrester (19 June 2003)
But has analyst firm got sucked into battle-of-the-brand nonsense?

Forty percent of banks admit to compromised systems (19 June 2003)
Should we trust our banks?

Local government needs IT revamp (17 June 2003)
Now tell us something we don't know

UK Ministry of Defence trains up Russian military as sysadmins (13 June 2003)
Cold war well and truly over

And they're off! Wireless G standard ratified (13 June 2003)
Period of confusion lies ahead

Spam: the counter-attack begins (11 June 2003)
New laws to deal with unsolicited email

StorageTek joins FICON high-end storage market (11 June 2003)

Latest Bluetooth chip opens up new world (10 June 2003)
Cambridge Silicon Radio well pleased with BlueCore3

Sun goes the Intel route to brand Java (9 June 2003)
New logo and everything

SuSE releases its Windows-destroyer (9 June 2003)
Linux desktop version focuses on easy transition from Microsoft OS

Internet suffers from another virus (5 June 2003)
Bugbear.B looks nasty

Hackers and corporates have a crack at security love-in (5 June 2003)
Agreed procedures out for discussion, but will they hold?

Microsoft lays out new security plans (4 June 2003)
Hits all the right buttons, teams up with VeriSign

SCO shuts down its German website in trademark battle (4 June 2003)
Ding ding! Round Two to Linux

SoBig: The alphabet killer virus? (3 June 2003)
Third version of email virus found at same time second one dies


New search engine gives Google run for its money (30 May 2003)
Provides whole new approach to scouring the Net

Linux laptop success stirs up Western waters (30 May 2003)
Will HP, IBM and Dell push the open source OS in Microsoft territory?

Storage poorly but getting better, says Gartner (29 May 2003)
Seems to have caught the SARS bug

Lucent and McData tie-in offers double whammy in data sharing (29 May 2003)
Multiple location storage networks and IP backbones can benefit now

Linux wins over Windows in huge council migration (28 May 2003)
Open source software extended to 14,000 desktops

Confusion reigns over high-speed wireless standards (27 May 2003)
Fear, uncertainty and doubt stalk the wi-fi world

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