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What is The Great Cornish Pub Tour all about?
It's about getting out the house, visiting new places and most importantly going to excellent pubs in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of the UK. Then taking a picture of them, rating them and giving a load of information about them so other people can enjoy them as well.

Why Cornwall?
Because I live here. Because it has loads of outstanding pubs and because of the comedy cartoon map that we started looking at one day when at a loose end (more of that later).

Why pubs?
Because pubs are fantastic. An essential part of British culture and one of the best bits of it, pubs are a home from home where you drink beer, chat away, eat food, lean back, relax, laugh and generally do all the things that make life worthwhile.

Of course, most modern pubs seem to have bastardised this terrific tradition and pulled out all the furnishings, stuck in horrible open-plan, light-wood interiors, huge PA systems and hired temp staff on minimum wage. Good-quality beers make way for over-priced, mass-manufactured rat's piss bottled lifestyle choices and conversation is usurped by Sky Sports blasting out at 100dB.

But not these pubs. With very few exceptions, these pubs retain the great tradition, as made clear by the fact that many of them are still called "inns" and many still offer accomodation. Some have been modernised well, others not so well. But nearly all are gems and we joyfully encourage their use.

So what about this map?
Well, shortly after I moved down to Cornwall (Newquay) to live with my mate Owen, we found ourselves with nothing to do but in a terrible state of boredom at the same time. Aimlessly flicking through the drawer under the phone, I pulled out a daft illustrated guide to Cornwall in the vain hope of finding something to do.

Despite the comedy cartoon approach, it soon became apparent that one side contained a huge array of what looked to be excellent pubs dotted all over Cornwall. It was clear that one had to be visited immediately and large amounts of ale consumed. During discussions over which one to visit, the idea of The Great Cornish Pub Tour was born. Namely, to visit all of them and pin them off. This has been an ongoing mission for about eight months now.

What is this map?
An Illustrated Guide to Cornwall - Day & NightIt's An Illustrated Guide to Cornwall - Day & Night. It costs £2.99, it looks almost exactly like the pic on the left and we can't recommend it enough.

It's made by The Meridian Map Company in Falmouth and covers all the attractions across Cornwall from beaches, adventure parks and the like to museums, art galleries etc. That's on one side. On the other is the map you can see on this site. Our version is old (1997) and doesn't even have the Eden Project but hopefully there are more recent versions available.

How many pubs you been to then? And how many are there on the tour?
We've been to between 30 and 40. There are 164 of them.

Is that all?
Yes. We do have lives as well you know. Also, contrary to Owen's disturbing need to "get them all done", the idea is to really enjoy the pub and relax. You can't do that if it becomes more a pub crawl than a pub tour.

Is this the only pub guide we'll ever need?
Not if you don't live in Cornwall it isn't. Also, many really good pubs aren't on the map. Which is a shame but we aren't adding any more in, except in the situation where a pub in a lovely place is either no longer there, no longer open to the public, or just awful, in which case we'll recommend another one nearby.

How do we know if a pub is one you've visited?
A red pin in the name means we've been thereIt will appear with a red pin in it, very similar to the picture on the left here. If it has one of them, we've been there and there should be a review.

What's in the reviews?
Everything you need to know. Check em out.

Where's this key to symbols you were talking about?

Every pub we've been to will be rated in pint glasses:

Pub no longer exists or isn't open to the public.
Really poor. Don't bother unless gasping.
Not great. May be worth your while if you're in the area.
Good pub, pay it a visit. But may be on main road.
Or the food not very good. Or something similar.
A really great pub. You will not be disappointed.
But just not good enough for a top rating.
Amazing pub. Try to visit it at some point in your life.
What pubs are all about.

Each pub also comes complete with its own array of tiny, coloured, baffling symbols. If you run your mouse over them and wait, the text of what they mean will appear. However, for the sake of completion, here is all of them:

Parking Parking
Beer Garden/Terrace Beer Garden/Terrace
Families welcome Families welcome
Pub Food/Snacks Pub Food/Snacks
Restaurant/Dining Area Restaurant/Dining Area
Children's Indoor Play Area Children's Indoor Play Area
Children's Outdoor Play Area Children's Outdoor Play Area
Live Music/Entertainment Live Music/Entertainment
Accomodation Accomodation

Is that it?
Yep. Done. Go check out the tour.

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