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Pub Tour, The Green Parrot, Perranporth

The Green Parrot: Perranporth
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Slightly dingy but somehow intriguing
Beer Garden/Terrace Pub Food/Snacks Restaurant/Dining Area Tel: 01872 573284

[N.B. This review was from several years ago, and the landlord has been in touch to assure us that it is now much nicer. Any independent review of that is welcome. One big change: the pub is now non-smoking.]

Location: In the heart of Perranporth but easy to miss as it's set back from the road. You have to stick your head round the corner and you'll see it at the back of its parking area.

Feel: Slightly dingy, bit local, but somehow it stills feel good. Music often too loud though.

Drinks: Bitters and lagers and whatever else you fancy.

Food: Yes and not microwaved but then not that good either.

Dark wood/Light Wood: Dark wood but slightly knackered.

Cubby holes: Made of cubby holes.

Distractions: Music, which is always a bit too loud. And fruities and pool.

Yeast Logic index: Good. Enregetic inspiration.

Punters: Locals.

Kids: Yes but may be too loud.

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